" We, Sree Narayana Guru Co-op T&C Society do not have any branches in any of the states except Delhi & NCR. We came to know that somebody is offering loans in other states especially in Kerala under the name of Sree Narayana Finance and spreading our communication details. If any body falls under their trap, it is their own risk and responsibility. We are nothing to do or liable for any consequences. For any further clarification, contact us. VK Balan Secretary "
" A simple fact that is hard to learn is that the time to save money is when you have some.”

“Individual commitment to a group effort.
That is what makes a society work. "

Meet the Management Team

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Sh. k. r.


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Adv. Mr. K N Bhargavan – Vice President - Copy

adv. kn bhargavan


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managing Committee members

Any system that sees aesthetics as irrelevant, that separates the artist from his product, that fragments the work of the individual, or creates by committee, or makes mincemeat of the creative process will, in the long run, diminish not only the product but the maker as well.


sh. satheesan


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sh. sasi dharan vG

executive member

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sh. prasobhanan

Executive member

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smt. annamma jacob

Executive member

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sh. dileep kumar

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sh. jayakumar

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sh. sudhakaran m.A

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Mr. K Divakaran – Committee Member - Copy

sh. divakaran

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sh. kabeer das

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mr. C G muralidharan

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