" We, Sree Narayana Guru Co-op T&C Society do not have any branches in any of the states except Delhi & NCR. We came to know that somebody is offering loans in other states especially in Kerala under the name of Sree Narayana Finance and spreading our communication details. If any body falls under their trap, it is their own risk and responsibility. We are nothing to do or liable for any consequences. For any further clarification, contact us. VK Balan Secretary "
" A simple fact that is hard to learn is that the time to save money is when you have some.”

Regular Loan

Loan Limits :

Limit of the Regular Loan Existing LimitEnhanced Limit
Member No. 1 to 220 4.00 Lakhs 7.00 Lakhs
Membership 72 months & above 3.5 Lakhs 6.5 Lakhs
Membership 60 months & above 3.00 Lakhs 5.50 Lakhs
Membership 48 months & above 2.50 Lakhs 4.50 Lakhs
Membership 36 months & above 2.00 Lakhs 3.50 Lakhs
Membership 24 months & above 1.75 Lakhs 3.00 Lakhs
Membership 12 months & above 1.25 :Lakhs 2.00 Lakhs
Membership 6 months & above 0.50 Lakhs 0.75 Lakhs

The Members can view their account of Share Money, Compulsory Deposit, Optional Deposits & Loan from our website. To view the same obtain the user id and password from the society. Payment can be made by IMPS/NEFT as details of our bankers given below or deposit Cash/Cheques at our office or branches/collection centres. We also collect the payment from their doorsteps on request without any extra charges.

Details of our Bankers are given below:

Name of the Bankaccount no.IFSC CodeType of A/C
Dhanlaxmi Bank Ltd 019006200005946 DLXB0000190 Current
South Indian Bank Ltd 0401053000002277 SIBL0000401 Saving
State Bank of India 67228336082 SBIN0060458 Current

**Once make the payment through online, do inform the society by call/sms/mail or whatsapp on 9313899351 to give proper credit.